"I thought the Andy Lawrence Type 'B' valve microphone compared amazingly well with the older Neumann U48's that I nearly always end up using for vocals. It has a clean, clear top end which you would expect from a new mic of quality, but also has a very broad bass end which I like. Ideal also for acoustic instruments. Well done Andy, could be a classic of the future!"
Graham Lyle, International Record Producer

  "Almost one year ago Andy asked if I would like to try out a valve microphone he'd been working on. I gladly obliged and after putting it through its paces on a solo-multi-instrumentalist project, called Andy the next day to ask if I could keep and make another just the same! I found that sounds from any source needed very little, if any, EQ tweaking and also behaved marvellously on sounds which have variable SPL's. The valve warmth is truly evident on this microphone giving vocals that extra bit of substance you usually find on one costing three times more whilst its cardioid pattern is accurate and rejects and an amazing amount of unwanted sound from the rear - very helpful when you may have a drum kit exploding in the same room!
As a stereo pair, they perform great as drum overheads, giving a balanced response over the high and low frequencies and work well on guitar and bass amps, double bass, brass, cello, congas, accordions, acoustic guitars, mandolins, dripping taps, flushing loos . . . . . you get the general meaning! An additional benefit of owning a hand made AL mic means you can contact the maker himself for the best customer support, in my case to ask when the next one will be available. The AL Valve Condenser Microphone has now replaced the more expensive European leading condenser mic and the workhorse(s) in my recordings, so whether you work in a super hi-spec studio or project venture, this microphone will help you on your way to reaching that sonic Nirvana, and when your clients comment on how much they like that sound, you'll feel sinfully proud when you reply 'that's a hand made valve microphone, that is!'"
John Barrie, Record Producer / Engineer, London UK




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