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Studio Valve Microphone

The concept was to produce a hand built, high end studio microphone in the UK, using established design criteria with special attention being paid to individual tuning and testing; a very time consuming process! Every component of this microphone is manufactured and assembled at our West London base. We make everything from the capsule to the suspension!

Our microphones are genuinely hand-built:
All manufacturing and processes are undertaken in house where possible, and a great deal of time, effort and expertise has been utilised in the design and manufacture of this instrument, which we feel sets a new standard of excellence.

Our capsule construction follows accepted aperiodic design principles, with each back plate (which we make from scratch out of high grade brass stock!!) being hand lapped to within two light bands. The dynamic portion, i.e. the diaphragm, undergoes three stages of controlled heat treatment, after which the gold layer is deposited on the Melinex by the Electron beam process. Each Melinex diaphragm is individually tuned to a specific resonant frequency using in-house designed tensioning equipment, and diaphragms are then permanently fixed to specifically contoured brass annular rings.
Each stage of the process is recorded to ensure accurate matching of the two capsule halves and a record is kept of individual free air resonance and amplitude exitation. The whole process takes three days.

The impedance converter utilises an NOS Mullard or Phillips EF86 pentode valve, coupled to a very large and no-expense-spared transformer designed by Brian Sowter specifically for this microphone.

Andy Lawrence, the designer of the microphone, has worked for many years in the pro-audio industry, including time at Racal Electronics, work as a contract engineer for the BBC, R.G. Jones, and the Corporation of the City of London. He has been designing and building microphones since 1976, and joined forces with James and Steve at Mutronics in 2006. We believe this is the first large diaphragm microphone to be built in the UK since STC ceased production in the 1970's.

The ALM1 is hand made in the U.K. by
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