Quotes from the press


“Then he switched on the Mutator and proceeded to run a few simple patterns from his steel guitar through it. The results were astounding, far beyond anything I’d ever heard before.”
Roger Brown - The Mix Magazine


 “The inclusion of complex LFO features and two independent channels makes the Mutator one of the most character loaded pieces of sound processing gear I’ve ever used.
 Maff Evans - Future Music magazine.


 “The next job was to plug in my trusty Mini-Moog and see just how good the Mutator really is. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the answer is “pretty damned good, actually!” I had to check that I’d opened up the Moog’s own filter because it was occasionally difficult to tell the difference - now that is a good filteHr! The more I attempted to overdrive the Mutator, the warmer it sounded. A sampled sawtooth waveform from an Akai S1100 sampler emerged from the Mutator with an altogether different character, thicker and much more worthy of attention in a busy mix. This is without doubt the best-sounding retro-filter I have come across. Hear it and weep.
 Paul Ward - Sound On Sound magazine.


 "...Soon to be occuping rack space in every studio priding itself on having the latest and best retro analogue gear."
Nigel Lord - Pro Sound News.


 "... once acquired , you'd probably wonder how you ever managed without its mysteries and wonders - it's a Pandora's box of potential"
Andy Duncan - Making Music.


 "The Mutator is quite simply one of the cleanest, most useful filter units I have ever used and is most definitely the key to getting your drum tracks and basslines to ooze metamorphose in organic, slippery ways, resulting in a constantly satisfying ecstasy wave of sonic magic. It is an excellent unit, which constantly suprises you with what it can do. Highly Recommended."
Chris Everard - DJ Technologica.


 "Beyond its impressive conventional filtering, the Mutator seemed to produce whole new vistas of sound from the barest scraps of audio information. A fully midi equipped Mutator costs £740.00 and is worth at least twice that much to the serious sonic explorer or professional studio, so versatile is this strange beast. Adding midi control to the Mutator is the digital icing on what is a very rich analogue cake to start with. It's no surprise that Mutator's are already selling like hotcakes and this addition to its features makes a grate thing even better."
Roger Brown - The Mix.


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Quotes from users

 “It’s an analogue filter that is supposed to be designed in a similar way to the input filters on the Roland System 100 and the MiniMoog,” he explains. “I used one when I was doing the Tek 9 remix last year. I had a System 100 in the studio at the same time and I actually preferred the Mutator. It has such a nice tone. It’s one of those units that’s destined to be a classic in years to come.”
Carl Craig - Producer / Re-Mixer / Studio Owner


"The thing about the Mutator is that it is actually alive. Mutronics didn't warn me about this of course, and even the man who runs our local pet shop hasn't got a clue what I should feed it with or how often I should trim it's claws.
 Yes, I know it bites and it frightens my girlfriend but the the fact is, it makes these wonderful noises and I can't stop playing with it. Get one only if you're prepared to house train it and want to sound different and strange"
Tony Coleman - Tongue and Groove Records

 “I first saw the Mutator at Battery Studios and my first impression was “oh-its a delta blues-in / Kraftwork-out thing - just what I need!” Well, it was just what I needed, and it will do Earth-in / Space-out, but it does lots more. I really dig the way you can sneak a little Mutation into a mix to get some non-reverberant dynamic motion, or thicken things up, or put that weird resonant edge on things, or you can quit messing around and go straight into heavy freak-out! This is what I want - an effect you can’t miss. The Mutator seems to handle whatever level I throw at it, the variable brightness LED’s are sufficient to get the envelope trigger parameters set, and all the controls have plenty of range. All this in a solid looking, slightly menacing black box, with nicely damped pots, and a cool logo to boot, you really got it together on the Mutator! Where’s my T-shirt?”
 Mitch Easter - Producer and owner of Fidelitorium Studio, USA.


 “Playing with my Mutator has now taken over from frotting as my favourite pass-time”
Andy Weatherall - DJ / Re-mixer / Producer.


 "Hollywood, Prepare To Be Mutated"
David Arnold - Artist / Producer / Film Composer


"The Mutator is quite obviously a modern classic, you just grab the knobs and rotatuM"
Mark McGuire - Producer

"Forget the other shit - this thing is a legend"
The Rapino Brothers - Re-mixers/Producers

"In an age of repetitive beats, allow yourself a little soothing luxury with a Mutator from Mutronics. Sink into an analogue bubblebath of creamy smooth lo passes and refreshing highs.
 Wallow wourself in the beauty that envelopes you in its' pure self indulgence - permit yourself an earbath of spectral bliss.
 Empty your mental colostomy bag and inspect the 'nuff knobage' on the Mutator today."
Kris Weston - The Orb

"The Mutator sits in my rack like an Arnie in a row of Shirlie Temples, probably the most potent 2U on the planet."
David White - Engineer/Producer

"The Mutator is fast augmenting, ney indeed replacing our vintage synth collection which includes the classic mini Moog, ART Axe and Roland SH101."
 Edwyn Collins - Artist & studio owner

 "I've used the Mutator as a mixing tool, as a variable effects unit for recording MIDI, electric and acoustic instruments and as an added sound source in live performance. The conclusion I've reached is that you never quite know where you're going to end up when you Mutate, but the results are always surprising, unusual and sometimes shocking.
 This may not be useful for a Michael Bolton production, on the other hand, if you're someone who enjoys hearing somebody ask, "What's that sound like a herd of mad elephants on the rampage?" then Mutation will become second nature to you"
David Toop - Writer /Musician


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