Mutator reviewed by Nigel Lord

UK – Soon to be occupying rack space in every studio priding itself on having the latest and best retro analogue gear, the Mutator from London company Mutronics Ltd. is a stereo analogue filter and envelope follower, developed using "late '60s" analogue synth technology.

 The Mutator comprises two independent voltage controlled filters, each with its own low frequency oscillator and/or its own envelope follower which extracts the envelope of incoming signals and applies it to control cut-off frequency. Each envelope follower can be switched to track either the envelope of the sound treated by the filter or an external control signal.

 A prototype was installed at a central London studio for beta testing during 1995 and has apparently been in constant use ever since. Having geared up to full production, Mutronics now offers MIDI and non-MIDI versions of the device, both housed in a 2U standard rack mount cabinet.

 Recent customers include Edwyn Collins, David Toop, Leftfield, Youth, Sasha, Andy Weatherall and William Orbit. Commenting on his Mutator, Kris Weston of The Orb enthuses, "Sink into an analogue bubblebath of creamy-smooth low passes and refreshing highs. Permit yourself an earbath of spectral bliss. Empty your mental colostomy bag and inspect the 'nuff knobage' on the Mutator today..." Quite.


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