Mutronics Merchandise

People have been asking us for years if there is a T-Shirt that they could buy with the company name on. Well, you know what? After 10 years of intense development with many prototypes, attention to the finest detail and exhaustive field testing, we have arrived at the selection of products below. They may look like ordinary Fruit Of The Loom garments, but these very special pieces have been engineered for us to actively combat harsh aural artifacts in the studio or live environments, and have in some subjective tests proven to improve the wearer's artistic output*.

All garments are Fruit Of The Loom apart from the fleece which is made by Grizzly, and all have the logo embroidered NOT cheaply screened, on the left breast.

Mutronics T-Shirt

The heavy weight T-shirt that makes you feel like you're in a rock band! Can you EVER have enough T-shirts?

Sizes: M, L, XL


UK: £15.00,

Europe, US: £17.00



Mutronics Crew-Neck Sweater

High quality, comfortable sweats in the traditional style (whatever that is).

An ideal present for someone...cold.

Sizes: M, L


UK: £25.00

Europe, US: £28.00

Mutronics Zip-Neck Sweater

Similar to the crew-neck but with a zip!

Sizes: M, L


UK: £32.00

Europe, US: £34.00

Mutronics Polo Shirt

For those amongst you who prefer a collar, or plan to nip for a quick knock-about with Price Charles on the way home from work.


Sizes: M, L


UK: £19.00

Europe, US: £21.00

Mutronics Fleece

These are VERY high quality, very chunky, very warm and come up about a size larger than normal. Please order accordingly!

Sizes: M, L

Price: £40.00

Europe, US: £45.00

We accept most major credit cards and Paypal. For anywhere else please email for a quote.

All prices include VAT (where applicable) and p&p. the reason for the European and US prices being the same is that there is no VAT on sales to the US, but the higher postage evens it out so no complaints!

We try to keep stock of everything, but there may be a few days delay in despatch if we're out of stock on any individual item. We'll let you know if this is the case of course!