Colorsound. Over the last 35 years that name has become iconic to all who have dabbled with the electric guitar. The original Tonebenders were supplied to Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Pete Townshend; all artists who redefined rock music in the 60s. In more recent years the expanded line of effects has been supplied to everyone from Oasis, to Primal Scream, to Edwyn Collins. It is plain to see then, that the folk at Colorsound have had no small effect on the course music has taken over the years. The recent resurgence in demand for 'Real' sounding effects arose as a backlash to the rash of 'Programmable' boxes that appeared in the 90s. That is not to say these units were a bad thing by any means; they brought a new level of quality within reach of the amateur musician. For some though, that was the inherent problem: everybody's sounds became convergent, and a few began the search for more individual sounding effects.

New movements are often referenced in the past, and this is as true in music as it is in any other area of life. People began to mix and blend different genres of music, and inspired results were witnessed from artists such as Beck, Spiritualised, and Placebo. Many of the luminaries in these new projects had rediscovered the no-nonsense appeal of the Colorsound range, and used them in innovative ways to create the new sounds they were looking for. As more and more artists began to use Colorsound again, it was perhaps inevitable that producers would begin to seek the same sounds for use in the studio. Unfortunately, guitar pedals are not ideally suited for use in the studio because they are designed to work at much lower levels than the higher line level signals commonly used in studios.

The Colorsound is a joint effort between Colorsound and Mutronics Ltd., who produce the popular Mutator. In making the Colorsound, we sought to remedy the problems experienced under studio conditions. We have provided four of the most popular Colorsound effects (Ring Modulator, Supa Tonebender, Octivider and Tremolo) in a 2U box, featuring balanced inputs and outputs, and some very flexible switching to boot. The result ensures that whatever combination of these effects you want, the hassle will be at a minimum, while character and quality, as we have now come to expect from Colorsound, will be cranked all the way up to 11!!

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